Petsmood’s Devine Divanato!

You probably know how hard it is to find an appropriate couch for your dog. The major trends in pet furniture are crystal ‘embellished’ cushion beds in flashy colors, chemical fabrics and very limited durability for absolutely inappropriate prices. The covers are rarely removable, so you end up tossing away the entire bed after only a couple of weeks of use.
But quality is one thing. What concerns me much more is the ‘design’ that is offered in pretty much all of the pet stores. No matter if you look in superstores or in extravagant pet boutiques, the offer remains pretty much the same.

So I ask myself, each month and half, when I’m on my way to purchase the next couch for my dogs: what will I expect this time? I really wonder how many dog owners actually also can’t connect to what is offered in the stores. How many of us actually want a girly couch for our pet? I understand that some people adore spoiling their pets, but does spoiling necessarily mean just ‘tacky’ items for your beloved ones?
Why would I buy a boudoir style couch for my dog if I don’t live in a boudoir styled room myself?

Well, I usually just end up buying the least ugly one.

So thank heaven that I came across a stand at the World Dog Show in Paris last year. It brought back my faith and confirmed my vision of how masters and dogs shall live and share spaces together.

This refers to the French trendsetting furniture house Misk Design and their first sub-brand Petsmood which dedicates house furniture for cats and dogs and their masters. The brands designer is Marina Sciarrino, a both Italian and French architect. Thus all pieces are designed in Italy and fabricated in France.

I was so cordially received by Gianluca of the Misk Design team and I just adore working with the Italians. They have such a great sense of hospitality! So we kept in touch and I agreed on a product testing.

What I saw simply blew my mind. The products were real, authentic and NOT ridiculous. It was like love at first sight. It seemed that I was finally able to find pet furniture that matched my own aesthetic.
I felt understood and taken seriously by society as a dog owner, at last.

When Petsmood and I agreed on the piece of furniture for the product testing I must admit that I was afraid of George and Louis not being able to appreciate what I do and can appreciate. Despite all our similarities they remain dogs and they probably don’t understand ‘design’, ‘simplicity’ or even what real quality is. But what they do understand is the feeling. And this is where the three of us agreed on.

We chose to test the model Divanato, a very minimalist, timeless and cool dog armchair with headrest, that especially pugs know to appreciate.

When the model arrived I first unpacked it very carefully and placed it in the middle of my Loft, separating the dining area from my atelier.
I didn’t let them watch me install it.

Than I decided to wait and to see what would happen. As soon as they realized the presence of a new object in their space; they of course inspected it very carefully by sniffing on and around it for probably three hours. When they were done they returned to their giant bear bed and fell asleep over there. But since I placed the Divanato close to my office desk and the bear must be about 13m away from the point, I knew I wouldn’t have to wait too long for them to sneak up.

George was the first to nestle down in the Divanato, but just moments after Louis followed. The funny part is that both immediately placed their heads on the headrest. A feast for the senses!

Since that night they prefer to take their nap on the Divanato. And I must say that I honestly did not expect this. My forecast was that the couch would please me, but that the sharp edged design would be difficult to suit the boys. But I was entirely wrong! They love the pillow and they adore the headrest.

And by the way, the cushion is very functional and easy to be cleaned. I just brush it once a day and it looks perfect. As the pillow-cover is removable and is 100% cotton you can wash it on 30° in your washing machine.

My conclusion after this product testing is that the Divanato convinced me entirely.
First, the selection and finishing of the wood and the fabric is certainly premium.
Second, the design is distinguished, effort- and timeless, which probably makes it the first pet design furniture classic. In total, a complete success!

I took a couple of pictures of the Divanato in my apartment. I’m curious to know what you think!

If you want to know more about Petsmood and have a look at the entire range of their wonderful furniture, please feel free to visit their website and let your dog subscribe to the Misk Design Club!

You will also find all contact info about prices, events and fairs. If you also fall in love with a piece from the collection, you can purchase the item directly on their website. Beyond that Misk Design will choose the best resellers for their new Petsmood collection, but you can find the closest retailers from your region on their website with the help of a navigator.

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Posted on : 30 March 2012

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    30 March 2012 11 h 04 min

    I have the cutest dog in the world, but yours are too! <3

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