Winter Sale All You Can Shop!

Only one more day left to get ready for the big winter sale in Paris! The official start is this Wednesday morning when shops open.

If you also intend to be “out there” I suggest to have a little look at all the shop windows decorated with dogs!

Comptoir de Cotonniers displays pictures of the owners French bulldog and If you’re lucky the t-shirts with the same motive could be on sale by now, too.

The BHV for dogs has a beautiful shop window with toy Chihuahuas and Terriers sitting around a table, all dressed up in expensive little pullovers…

It caught my eye that the jeweller Wempe, 16 Rue Royale, at the corner next to La Durée always decorates his windows with Christmas pug tableaux. Lovely!

But my absolute must-see this season are Maje’s shop windows all adorned with super cute fat balloon pugs.

Sometimes I wonder if I suffer from something like the “pregnant woman syndrome”, because no matter what I do or where I go I constantly see pugs, pugs and more pugs! And I really don’t mind!

By the way: You can purchase the pricey balloon pug on the following website for £16.99!

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Posted on : 9 January 2012

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    10 January 2012 1 h 21 min

    you know, because of you I am constantly noticing pugs everywhere as well. Seems like pugs are the new everything. Or maybe I was just missing something all my life ;)

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