“Adopt a Pug” LUISA VIA ROMA Firenze4Ever

Seriously, I could kick myself.

I totally missed one of the best, most promising and simply “made for me” events this year already. And 2012 hasn’t even started yet…

For the fourth time now my favourite designer online boutique LUISA VIA ROMA celebrated their favourite fashion and music bloggers from all around the world and the Spring/Summer 2012 collections at the Firenze4Ever.

What makes me go bananas is that they presented the “Pug Dogs for Happy Kids” and “Adopt a Pug Dog” projects this year for the very first time – and I MISSED IT!!!

It sounds like a dream: 20 selected precious designers created their own vision of the legendary Steiff pug. Each brand received one of the stuffed toy pugs and realized a prototype representing their house, so that the guests at Firenze4Ever could, if they were willing to do so, adopt a pug.

I am overwhelmed by the fact that all proceeds from their sale went to Unicef! Wonderful!

My “realistic favourite” is the ETRO pug, simply because I know that Louis would look wonderful in it. For George I thought about something more rebellious to match his character, like the VERSACE top, but that might not look masculine enough so I guess I’d pick the ANTONIO MARRAS total look.

I was surprised that VALENTINO presented a rather classic model whereupon the Valentino studio should have had the biggest opportunity to work with real pugs, as Valentino Garavani himself owns six of them. But maybe that’s the reason why the proposed something rather commercial.

I attached the 20 unique looks for you – let me know which one of them is your personal favourite!



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Posted on : 9 January 2012

Comments :


    9 January 2012 23 h 09 min

    francesco scognamiglio rocks!!!


    10 January 2012 1 h 25 min

    well, Antonio Marras is my favourite one as well! I was surprised by Giuseppe Zanotti by decorating the pug in a really ugly way and maybe too kinky, cause normally I am a huge fan of Giuseppe.
    kiss kiss



    26 January 2012 22 h 34 min

    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

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