One and a half months ago I received a call from Germany’s most famous Women Magazine Brigitte. I was thrilled when they told me that they’d like to shoot me for their editorial. Above all I was allowed to pick a friend to shoot with me!

So you must remember my friend Kiki from . I thought of her immediately and was sure she’d be the perfect match on this trip.

She’s beautiful, a wonderful blogger and very inspiring friend. We met at the Paris Couture Week a couple of years ago and ever since we use to attend all common shows together. Its always much more fun to discuss a show with someone you can be honest with. And of course that makes me think of all the memorable after parties we had…

Also I knew she’d love the theme of the shoot: 50’s prints and fabrics shot in a truly authentic American Diner.

So I arrived in Hamburg on a Sunday, the day before the shoot and as I never really had the chance to have a closer look on the city, even I’ve been there several times before, I tried to profit this time. The experience was memorable!

A friend took me for a walk on the famous sand beaches with a view on the harbour and its enormous dockyards. It was stunning. I don’t remember the last time a view captured me that much. I didn’t want to leave this place!

This is where I met and shot Ben with his beautiful dog Joe.

On the next day, Kiki and I had to wake up quiet early to enjoy a little breakfast before the long day to come. When we arrived at the American Diner we were quiet amazed. Even though it was ice cold and very windy outside we couldn’t stop turning around that golden dodge oldtimer parked in front of it. After we were introduced to everyone and the looks we were supposed to wear, the coolest thing ever happened. The Diners owner, a literally pink haired woman all dressed up in 50’s style clothes and her husband came through the door and from that moment on pampered us with homemade Milkshakes, Veggie Burgers, French Fries, Jelly Beans, Dr. Pepper,.. Awesome!

The issue is out now in Germany, but being back in Paris I couldn’t get a copy yet. But from what friends mailed and told me so far the pictures look like a lot of fun!

You already had the chance to have a look at Brigitte’s January Issue? Comments on the clothes?! The set?

Tell me everything!

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Posted on : 7 January 2012

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    9 January 2012 23 h 10 min

    Great pics

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