Happy Holidays 2011

When I was younger my family and I used to spend all of our christmas holidays in the mountains skiing. As you can’t save my father from being boyish and unreasonable the moment he puts his skis on, my parents rather had to spend their holidays lingering around hospitals next to the mountains…

As we didn’t feel like risking anything at all this time but profiting from the height, crispy mountain air and view, my mother took a very sane decision and rented a lovely Chalet on a sunny mountainside in Switzerland this year. It was lovely.  And if you ask me, all I want and need for Xmas and a christmas holiday is wine, cheese and a chimney. So that Chalet was basically the perfect place!

First I was a little afraid how George and Louis would react to the snow and much colder temperatures than they’re used to in Paris. But to my surprise, they loved it! Each day we went for a two to three hours walk, had a little break for hot chocolate or wine and continued easily. George was a little cold at first, but as soon as we moved a little faster he forgot about the cold. Also they were both dressed in pullovers to keep them warm and water resistant coats to prevent them from getting wet. One should always know his dog and its needs.  I crossed a lot of dog owners in that village, not all of their dogs were dressed.

My mother’s dog, a tiny half-breed Tibet terrier, wasn’t cold at all and literally refused all sorts of garments. He was writhing around in the snow like a little pig. It was hilarious! I added a couple of pictures of our snow adventure. The pug cigar ashtray and case we’re among our Xmas gifts. The only Brummagem I allow myself and fortunately friends and family know that.

How did you spend your holidays with your best friend(s) and family?

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Posted on : 31 December 2011

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