The Most Stylish Mother and Dog

This photograph picturing my mother in her mid-twenties dates back to 1987 and was probably taken by my father at the beach in Split, Croatia. The dog was our beloved Doberman Ada, who spent literally every second of my early childhood on my side. She taught me how to walk, how to swim, who’s good and who’s not. Trust me on this one!

Life was good at that time. The sun was shining most of the time and the beach was close no matter where you were. And if I take a closer look at it, I haven’t seen my mother that relaxed and casual in years. Doesn’t she look just awesome? Come on, what a style! This graying jersey total look, the red college collar, the short hair and the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses! So boyish!

I just realize, that even if I might have inherited some of her style and rules about fashion, I’ve never been that cool.

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Posted on : 8 September 2011

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