Vuitton Namesakes

I screamed when I opened Vogue Paris’ July 2011 Issue and saw Louis Vuitton’s current Fall/Winter 11/12 campaign. The models Sun Fei Fei (Women) and Zuzanna Bijoch (Next) pose with one pug each; wearing posh LV leaches. And the photographer is no other than Steven Meisel.

To me this campaign seemed to be inspired by dogs either way, I immediately went to a Louis Vuitton store to dig deeper.

I was very much hoping for some new dog accessories or at least the option to choose between the classic Monogram Canvas and the Damier Ebene and Azur Canvas, but unfortunately they didn’t extend the collection.

Within the ready-to-wear collection you can choose from four different collars, two leaches and carriers all in Monogram Canvas. But first and foremost they vary in size.


There is one new piece though, but I would certainly categorize it as jewelry. (Only visible on the French site)


We still had a fun time, as you can imagine, two pug puppies were quiet an attraction there. Especially now that one of the Fall Winter campaign shots is dedicated to a pug couple, too.

So while chatting with a sales assistant, we actually realized the coincidence of my pug’s and Vuitton’s names. The founder of today’s Louis Vuitton was George Vuitton!


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Posted on : 7 September 2011

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